You'll find answers to our most commons questions below:

1 What is Onedollargift?

The answer is: The way to make your dreams come true!

1DG provides you with an amazing tool to raise funds for your dream and a community of wonderful people with huge hearts and a genuine desire to help. The result is a powerful and unique platform perfectly designed to help make all your dreams come true—even the crazy ones!

Onedollargift makes it all possible by providing an incredibly simple and easy way for fundraisers of all kinds to collect online donations. Create your Dream Fundraiser in no time and share it right away with everyone you know and with the 1DG community!

If you’re unclear on anything, make sure you check out the What should I do? and The 1DG power pages.

With Onedollargift, you keep all the donations you receive, whether or not you actually reach your final goal. Raising funds to fulfill your dream or the dream of a loved one has never been so simple. And the best thing is, we’re here to help make it even easier! Our team is always ready to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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2 Is it safe for me to donate on Onedollargift?

Absolutely. All transactions processed through our platform are strongly encrypted with the “SSL” or “Security Socket Layers” technology. It’s the most secure way to make online transactions and the same technology used by all major companies and banks. Always look for the green bar or “https” in the URL address of the page you are donating on to make sure it’s secure. If you need more information on security, please visit the sites below:

Onedollargift :
Stripe :
Paypal :

3 How to make a successful dream fundraiser?

Once you’ve created your Dream Fundraiser page, there’s more you can do to maximize the success of your fundraiser:

Share your Page with Friends and Family on Facebook

This is the first and foremost step to take! Sharing on Facebook is the number one way to reach out to your close circles; to let them know about your dream and how important they are to making it happen! Your friends and family will be the ones most willing to contribute and most likely to further share your Dream Fundraiser within their own networks! The more people you can reach out to directly, the bigger the snowball effect you will see.

Always include a personal message when you share your fundraiser. Make sure to tell people about your dream and include updates along the way. Remind them that even if they can’t donate, they can still help by sharing your page and getting your campaign out there!

Keep it simple, personal and honest. A heartfelt message will gain more views and a wider reach.

Share your link through email, text messages, and other social networks

The next step: Spread the word on all social networks and communities that you are a part of! Use social networking to build a strong sense of community and raise awareness for your campaign to keep donations flowing.

Your Onedollargift fundraiser comes with a unique link that's easy to share everywhere! You’ll find it under the comments and updates section of your page, as well as in the URL bar of your browser. Just copy and paste it when you want to share.

Create a detailed description and add impact with a great image

As we mentioned in the creation process of your fundraising page, put effort into your page and it will really pay off. Describe your dream and how much it means to you and include a great image of the people and subject matter central to your dream. Not only will this engage your viewers and unite them with your cause, but the effort you put into building your page instantly reflects how important your dream is to you. You’ll also stand out in the search results, the community and even on the homepage when your momentum really gets going!

Post frequent updates & show your appreciation

Your supporters are the lifeblood of your success. They donate to your fundraiser and help it gain exposure. Once you’ve captured the attention of your supporters it’s just as vital to keep them. They will continue to bolster your community of supporters, spread awareness for your campaign and drive donations.

You know what your supporters can do for you, now keep them around by considering what you can do for them! Supporters want to feel that they are involved with and contributing to something that matters.

All you have to do is communicate! Post frequent messages, comments and updates on your campaign to remind people why your campaign matters, show how supporters have helped your dream progress and make sure your supporters feel involved, well informed and in the loop. Be engaging, friendly and personal to keep your supporters interested in your dream.

Finally, all people like to feel appreciated—your supporters are no different. Thank your donors from the heart and let them know how much their support means to you!

We wish you complete success in your fundraising endeavours and hope your dreams come true!

4 Do I need an account to donate?

All donators and fundraisers become members of our community from the moment they join. We’ve made it super simple for everyone to create an account, track all their activities, get news from the fundraisers they already follow and see what new ones have been created each day.

The power of Onedollargift lies not only in its easy-to-use fundraising tools but also in its amazing community of people. We believe by building and maintaining this incredible community we can help our fundraisers achieve inspirational new heights.

We also believe that everyone deserves to achieve their dreams. With 1DG everyone can contribute something—if only one dollar—to help make another person’s dreams come true. With 1DG the circle of giving never ends!

5 Are there fees to raise money on Onedollargift?

Only when you receive donations. There are NO signup or creation fees. Onedollargift will automatically deduct a 4.9%* fee from each donation made to your dream fundraiser. As this occurs in real-time, you never need to worry about getting a bill.

You can also relax knowing your donors will never be charged any fees.

Please note there is also a payment-processing fee that applies to each donation you receive. Just visit our Fees page for more information on fees regarding PayPal and Stripe.

*Plus applicable taxes
6 Can I raise money for any dream?

The answer is YES!

Everyone’s dreams are different, but they all deserve to come true. You can raise money for anything that’s important to you and that your relatives or friends might be willing to help you achieve!

Feel free to visit homepage to find inspiration and to see what others are raising money for.

7 When can I withdraw my donations?

You can request a withdrawal at any time! A withdrawal has no effect on your campaign; the total amount raised will still be shown on your page and you will be able to continue receiving donations.

To request a withdrawal, go to your fundraiser’s settings page and follow the simple instructions from there.

8 How do I withdraw my money?

When you’re ready to request the withdrawal of all or part of your raised finds, simply click on your fundraiser’s settings page and follow the link on the left to the withdrawal centre.

From there, just follow the instructions provided and we’ll proceed with the withdrawal. Please note: depending on the selected withdrawal method, it may take a couple of business days to complete the transaction.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help withdrawing your funds.

9 My campaign seems to lose momentum. What should I do?

Firstly, when it comes to your Dream Fundraiser, a great way to keep the momentum going is to keep the conversation going. Your supporters need to know your fundraiser is still active and that you still need their support! They also need understand how vital every single donation and share is to your success!

Communicate regularly with your followers by posting frequent updates and messages about your campaign. Sharing milestones, thanking your supporters and keeping your community informed and involved will bring your campaign more shares and more donations

Fire up your followers to fuel momentum! Anything you can say to spark the interest, curiosity or excitement of your followers will bolster the momentum of your campaign. Share news as soon as something happens to up the excitement! Add pictures or videos to your updates to really engage your audience!

We strongly recommend posting updates as often as possible and once a week at a minimum.

To post an update:

  • 1.
    Log in to your account at
  • 2.
    Click on your name in the top right corner
  • 3.
    Go to your page
  • 4.
    Scroll down below your description
  • 5.
    Compose your update message (remember to encourage people to share your post and page!)
  • 6.
    Add pictures or videos (recommended)
  • 7.
    Hit "Publish"

Way to go! Happy fundraising!

10 How do I make my donation anonymous?

For a single anonymous donation you can check this box on the donation screen of the Dream Fundraiser you are supporting:

If you would like all your donations to remain private, simply visit your account settings and check the anonymous box:

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