We want to save our beautiful Angel Tessa

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Please help save our Tessa

Our beautiful Angel Tessa has been very sick for a few months now. She started with being fussy about eating, and loosing a lot of weight then she began to be very swollen in her abdomen to the point that she could not walk properly.
Our Vet in Ottawa could not follow up with Tessa's deteriorating health until sometime in January and we knew that if we did not get her the help she needed she would definitely die. So we made some phone calls and a place in Montreal CHUV was willing to take her the same day that we called on December 19 2017.
So, my Husband and my 14 year old daughter took her there in the morning which was a 3 hour drive from Ottawa but we needed their help asap. They took her right away upon arrival and began doing tests immediately.
They needed to keep her overnight to run more test and sedate her. They removed 5 1/2 liters of fluid from her abdomen to be able to do an ultrasound. This was not very successful as they still did not know what they were dealing with. Her blood work came back with low protein levels and Albium level is low.
Next step was to do a biopsy of the Liver and GI tract. So, Tessa had to stay another day....At this point My husband and daughter got a Hotel close by to avoid all the back and forth driving.
Tessa had all these tests done and she was sent home 4 days later as it was Christmas weekend December 23 2017. She was sent home with a big sheet of instructions and a load of medication. Prednisone, inflammatory drugs, gastro medication and parasite medication as well as a low fat low ingredient diet of dog food. The bill was a whopping $4,000 and we had already spent $1200 in Ottawa for various medications and blood work. We were told we would have the Biopsy results in a week... But with the holiday season things were delayed by 2 weeks. We had to get her prescriptions re filled here in Ottawa as we did not have enough to last us until a follow up on the 15th of January. Tessa's abdomen filled up again and we had to have her drained on December 30 2017 here in Ottawa, they drained 3 1/2 liters and gave her a B12 shot. Again more money....
At this point we just want answers to be able to help our beloved Tessa so that we can help her move forward if she is able to have a some quality of life.
My whole family has been praying for Tessa for the past month and throughout Christmas. We had celebrations at our home so we would not lose any precious time that we may have left with her. Tessa is an amazing part of our family and we will do whatever it takes to keep her healthy and happy but we have reached our financial end. Please help us keep Tessa and find a cure.
Thank you and god bless.

Here is an update as of January 15 2018. Tessa was drained of fluid again on January 11th for a total of 3 1/2 liters. She had more blood work done and a Urine sample taken. She was given electrolytes at this time as well. Total for this appointment was $1500+ ....Her blood results came back with no improvement in her Protein levels and no improvement for her Albium level. She was prescribed another medication on top of the 6x she is currently taking and these pills cost $125 a week. We will only dispense weekly as we are not sure of her outcome moving forward.
This is so frustrating for everyone involved as we still do not know what is causing the fluid to build up in her abdomen. Hopefully this new medication helps ( Cyclosporine is the name)
I will keep you all updated on Tessa's health. Thank you for all of your love and support through Tessa's Journey.
Much Love

We want to save our beautiful Angel Tess...

January 26th 2018

Hello Everyone,
Sadly we had to euthanize Tessa on the evening of January 22 2018. We are so devastated and our hearts are completely broken. But we are so grateful to have had 8 glorious years with such a joyous, fun, caring and loving dog. She brought so much happiness, laughter and love into our home and into all of our hearts. She will be missed but our wonderful memories of Tessa will live on. RIP our beautiful Angel you have certainly earned your WINGS.
Thank you to all who supported Tessa through her Journey we truly appreciate all of your kindness and prayers.
Gob Bless
Love Lisa and Family

January 26th 2018

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