Kush's cancer treatments

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Kush's cancer treatments

September 27th 2019

Kush is a Husky/Border-Collie, 11.5 years old. We've been together for 10 years and she is well known in the Whistler area. She was born in the Pemberton meadows and was training for sled races for her first 2 years. Kush broke a paw and because she was spending time in the sled instead of pulling, other females of the pack rejected her knowing she couldn't look after the pack anymore. So i adopted her. Her paw was healed by then and we started exploring the forest and mountains together. Kush have also done the drive between the atlantic and the pacific 8 times, including 34 american states and 10 canadian provinces. Shes had many address over the years and also lived in a van for 18 months. Kush is an explorer and a very efficient hiker. She is quite an athlete. On September 22nd 2019, after a few days that Kush was breathing slightly heavier than normal, and thinking she should see a vet soon as the symptomes were not fading, i discovered a golf ball size mass in her throat. Knowing it was linked to her breathing and it was most likely something serious, i drove from Revelstoke to Whistler the next day, on the 23rd, to see her vet at Twin Trees. The vet was confident it was a tumor and booked me an emergency appointment at Canada West Veterinary Specialists in Vancouver for the next morning. On September 24th, Kush was diagnosed with stage 4 multicentric lymphoma, a white blood cells cancer. After the first chemo treatment, Kush's tumor had already shrunk by half, and her breathing was back to normal. She is responding well to chemo and her exceptional fitness for her age gives her the best of chances. I am asking for help as the cost of her 6 months of treatments will wave between $10 000 and $15 000, not including that every roundtrip to Vancouver from Whistler cost me $50 in gas each, and i'm gonna do at least 20 of them. I'm doing the treatments because she is a good candidate for success, she is a very fit dog and her energy level is still very high. Every little bit helps, and if the money raised is greater than the final bill, the extra will be redirected towards animal shelters most in need, and i will personally make a donation in the 4 digits. Its been a tough week for both of us, but now that all the cards are on the table, we can rest, and Kush and I are ready to go through this together. Thanks to everyone for your support.

Much love
Tommy and Kush


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