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We rescued Brick from a kill shelter in June. His human family gave him to the pound and he was up for the kill if we hadn't stepped up. What a pup he has turned out to be! He's sweet and gentle an anxious to please :) When I brought him to our Vet, it was noted that his teeth were in very bad shape and he has some serious gingivitis - talk about "bad breath for dogs"!! I inquired what a cleaning would cost. Sticker shock! With healthy teeth, a routine cleaning is $350-$500 (there's blood work, anesthesia, recovery). BUT it was determined that Brick would need multiple extractions in addition to an extensive cleaning and would up the cost to $1000.00 plus or minus. If anyone knows about tooth condition and health then I don't need to explain. For those that don't, infected teeth in dogs can lead to heart and kidney problems. If an abscess occurs, it can affect the eyes and the brain. I am going to be looking for a "fur-ever" home for Brick. Someone that he can love unconditionally and "his human" will return Brick with the "fur-ever" home he really deserves. I can not afford to have his dental work done and I am the foster. In all good conscience I can't let him be adopted and then burden his new family with an outrageous dental bill which HAS to be done for his health and longevity. Please help Brick"star". He will make someone an awesome family member! He deserves go to a "fur-ever" home healthy and happy!!


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