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We are not the type to ask for anything and this is hard to do. We have always helped other people even if we did not have much to offer. My husband was in a severe car accident a little while back and our only vehicle was totaled. Everything we put into was gone. He missed a lot work, he has a lot of medical bills, and we have too much debt. We are several months behind on our mortgage and could face forclosure...as well as being behind on other bills. On top of that we had severe water damage to our house and have been trying to do repairs but cannot afford to continue at this time. We have a small child and dogs, and we don't want to lose our home and everything we have worked very hard for. My husband is working but work has been slow and we cannot seem to catch up. We cannot rake out a loan because of our debt and just do not know what to do. If anyone could help us out and donate - any amount helps, we would be so greatful. And when we get back on our feet we will pay it forward to others in need. Thank you.


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